• In the Gran Sasso Park
  • North Beach of Pescara
  • Town of Castel Del Monte
  • Ponte Del Mare Bridge, Pescara
  • Forca Di Penne, Gran Sasso
  • Bridge Near Salle in the Maiellas
  • Beachside in Pescara
  • San Rocco Church in Castel Del Monte
  • Sunset over the Maiella Mountains
  • The Adriatic Beach near Pescara
  • Pescara City and River from Ponte Del Mare
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Abruzzo Scenery

Whatever type of landscape or scenery one typically thinks of when they imagine Italy, Abruzzo has it in abundance.  The views range from medieval villages clinging tenaciously to the hillside to sweeping olive orchards and vineyards.  Natural wonders are around virtually every corner with views and locations for every taste.  From beaches to hillside towns to lofty peaks and small, charming villages, Abruzzo has it all.  If fact, if you mention the word "Abruzzo" to many Italians you will find the many say the same thing - this is a region that remains an unspoiled version of what Tuscany once was.


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